3-14-2017 Winter Storm Advisory from the Township of Irvington

Dear Irvington Residents and Business Owners

This is a Winter Storm Advisory from the Township of Irvington.

The winter storm will gradually wind down this afternoon into the evening with the Winter Storm Warning scheduled to end at 6:00pm this evening.

The roadways are gradually being cleared by DPW crews who have worked around the clock since 10:00pm Monday night to clear snow and make your Wednesday morning commute possible. More snow is still possible this afternoon into the evening and sleet and high winds up to 20 mph may mix with the snow. The temperature will drop to 30 degrees, so expect some melting and refreezing on the roadways. Please travel with extreme caution.

Please note that the Irvington Neighborhood Improvement Corporation (INIC) Soup Kitchen located at 346 16th Avenue will be serving hot soup and beverages until 9:00pm this evening. In addition, the Gatling Center located at 285 Union Avenue will be open until 9:00pm this evening. Both of these locations are warming stations.

Finally, the Irvington Municipal Court evening session this Tuesday, March 14th is CANCELLED. All matters scheduled for this evening will be rescheduled.

You can get updates to this snowstorm by visiting Mayor Tony Vauss’ page on Facebook, you can also visit www.irvington.net or turn to TV Channel 34 on Comcast or TV Channel 35 on Verizon for more information on the storm as updates will be posted there.

If you have a concern that cannot be addressed by any Township department, please contact the Business Administrator at 862-400-1117.

Please share.

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