Irvington Health Coalition Launches the Irvington Youth and Senior Companion Program

The Irvington Health Coalition Develops Initiative to Decrease Generational Gap between Youth and Seniors The Irvington Health Coalition announced the launch of its Youth and Senior Companion Program on February 6, 2017. The Youth and Senior Companion Program is a unique initiative geared towards increasing the social support and engagement among youth and seniors by [...]

February 9, 2017|Health Updates, News Releases|

Irvington’s Mayor Tony Vauss Announces Recycling Pays Big as Township Excels and Receives $62,000

Irvington’s Mayor Tony Vauss announced that the Township will be receiving a check in the amount of $62,163.75. for the tons of materials and items the Township’s residents and businesses recycled in 2014. Although all twenty-two (22) municipalities in Essex County are receiving payments, Irvington’s award is second only to Newark. “Recycling pays and it [...]

October 25, 2016|News Releases|

Irvington’s Mayor Invites Residents to Irvington’s Unity Day Celebrations

Irvington’s Mayor Tony Vauss is inviting residents and their guests to the Township’s 15th Annual Unity Day Celebration. The day of fun and entertainment will take place on Saturday, August 13th from noon until 6:00pm at Orange Park which is located right behind Irvington High School. The rain date will be Sunday, August 14th. “This [...]

August 4, 2016|News Releases|

Irvington’s Mayor and Council Announce Tax Amnesty Program for Irvington Property Owners

Irvington’s property owners who are behind in paying their taxes and have a municipal lien against their property for failure to do so, are getting a one-time break from the Township. Between August 1 and August 31, 2016, residents who are delinquent in paying their taxes can get a break by paying the amount due [...]

August 4, 2016|News Releases|

Press Conference in Irvington on Wednesday, July 27th at noon regarding Important Township Projects

Irvington’s Mayor Tony Vauss will be convening a press conference on Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at 12:00pm at Irvington’s Town Hall. At the press conference, the following information will be shared: The plans for street repaving and road resurfacing throughout the Township; the demolition of unsafe properties; the renovations at the Gatling Center; the decline [...]

July 26, 2016|News Releases|

Irvington’s Mayor Announces Township is Receiving $600,000 to Demolish 50 Unsafe Buildings

Irvington’s Mayor Tony Vauss announced that the Township has been awarded a 0% interest loan of $600,000 from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) and the Governor, to demolish 50 unsafe buildings in Irvington. The monies are part of the State’s Urban and Rural Center Unsafe Building Bond Loan Fund. “On behalf of [...]

July 22, 2016|News Releases|

Irvington Running Man Challenge

Irvington’s Mayor Tony Vauss and approximately 200 other Township employees and youth joined communities worldwide by accepting the Running Man Challenge.  The participants included: police officers, firemen, youth, Departments of Public Works (DPW) and Housing staff, members of the Board of Education, township department directors and Housing Authority staff and administration. “Irvington has now joined [...]

July 9, 2016|News Releases|

Irvington’s Mayor and Public Safety Director Report Execution of Search Warrants Result in a Big Catch

Irvington’s Mayor Tony Vauss and Public Safety Director Tracy Bowers announced the execution of search warrants that resulted in the arrest of 11 adults and 1 juvenile.  The arrests were for various charges, all making for a major crime sweep. “Our police executed search warrants at 62,73 and 75 Ellis Avenue,” said Mayor Vauss. “As [...]

July 2, 2016|News Releases|

Irvington Mayor Introducing New Police Bike Patrols

Irvington’s Mayor Tony Vauss and Department of Public Safety Director Tracy Bowers will be introducing the new Irvington Police Bike Patrol on Friday, May 27th at 3:00 in Council Chambers at Irvington Town Hall, 1 Civic Square, East, Irvington, NJ. The new bicycles and purpose of the community policing effort will be discussed. This event [...]

May 31, 2016|News Releases|

Irvington’s Mayor Reports Major ‘Operation May Day’ Bust with Hillside and Other Law Enforcement Agencies

Irvington’s Mayor Tony Vauss and Public Safety Director Tracy Bowers announced a joint law enforcement initiative called ‘Operation May Day’ that executed a major sting on Thursday morning. The joint initiative included several crime fighting entities from Irvington, Hillside, Newark, Maplewood, Essex County, United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Homeland Security, New Jersey State Police, [...]

May 13, 2016|News Releases|