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Sandra R. Jones


In July 2002, Sandra R. Jones took the oath of office for the unexpired term of her very good friend and mentor, D. Bilal Beasley who vacated his South Ward seat on the Irvington Township Municipal Council to serve as Council Member At-Large. Her extensive community resume that began in Jersey City while working on the mayoral campaign for Julian Robinson then as a member of the Parent Teacher Associations for both P.S. 34 and Snyder High School. She was President of the Armstrong Avenue Block Association and subsequently served as district leader. Jones eventually moved to the Township of Irvington in 1993 where she would win consecutive terms on the Irvington Board of Education, chosen as vice president.

Sandra Jones’s more than 30 years of leadership within the public schools, political affiliations, community and faith-based agency partners helped her to fortify the foundation necessary to provide Irvington residents with responsible and ethical leadership. Never shying away from even the most unpopular issues, Councilwoman Jones approaches every single obstacle as a chance to enhance. She has sponsored hundreds of ordinances throughout her years of service……

  • Disheartened by the countless tragedies resulting from motorists using cellphones while driving, she sponsored the ordinance MC 3206 Banning Hand Held Cell Phones While Driving. The bill was unanimously adopted and signed into law.
  • Refusing to allow even one police officer to be pulled from patrolling and protecting the residents in order to serve warrants for code violations, Jones sponsored an ordinance in July 2011, MC 3448 Authorizing Constables to serve warrants for property maintenance code violations and establishing a $25.00 surcharge for the service of a warrant by constables.

Some ordinances in support of small business owners. Some in support of public safety. Some in support of careless property owners. But all were to benefit and enrich the lives of Irvington residents.

Councilwoman Jones knows firsthand that our children must be given every opportunity in order to compete globally in this ever changing world. Partnering with various organizations for donations towards her annual Back-to-School event, thousands have received supplies to start the school year. For more than 10 years, Jones has provided a safe environment for the children and peace-of-mind for their parents by sponsoring a Halloween Party complete with candy, games and prizes.

As a member of the Friends of Irvington Park, Jones vehemently advocated for the monetary support to renovate Irvington Park. Upon its completion, several organizations have contracted to use the park. Her most recent accomplishment occurred on November 12, 2015, when the official groundbreaking ceremony for the Senior Café took place. Jones believes that the most significant component that makes a community prosperous is one in which diversity builds and strengthens instead of weakens and tears down. Committing herself to not just knowing names and addresses but more importantly, knowing and understanding their needs. A difficult task for some but second nature to Councilwoman Jones because of her vast network of resources resulting from years of employment as a Family Service Worker with the Division of Welfare to the position she holds today, as a Counselor with the Essex County ReEntry Program.

Sandra Jones with her son, district leader Scott Sinkler have proven that their commitment to public service embodies the bold, vibrant and “out-of-the-box” leadership that has become the signature of the South Ward.

“Public service must be more than doing a job efficiently and honestly. It must be a complete dedication to the people and the nation.”