Irvington’s Mayor Tony Vauss Announces Recycling Pays Big as Township Excels and Receives $62,000

Irvington’s Mayor Tony Vauss announced that the Township will be receiving a check in the amount of $62,163.75. for the tons of materials and items the Township’s residents and businesses recycled in 2014. Although all twenty-two (22) municipalities in Essex County are receiving payments, Irvington’s award is second only to Newark.

“Recycling pays and it pays big,” said Mayor Vauss.  “Not only is it good for the environment for us to recycle, it is also good for the taxpayers of Irvington.  We may not be the largest town in Essex County, but our performance surpassed all of the others except for Newark which is the largest city in Essex.”

The amounts of the awards are based upon the total weight of the items that were recycled and the funds are distributed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The more a town recycles the more they decrease the need for landfills.

“I look forward to Irvington continuing to excel in recycling,” said Mayor Vauss.  “It falls in line with my mission to continue to make Irvington clean. Together, we are making it happen.”

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