Irvington Green2017-04-05T22:08:07-04:00

Advisory Committee

Council President Charnette Frederic, Chair /  Dr. Atif Nazir, Co-Chair

Muriel Fenton, Secretary / Councilwoman Sandra Jones / Devy Narcisse Mrs. Hasan, Esq.

The Irvington Green Team is hereby established as an advisory committee to the Irvington Township Committee.


The General purposes for the Green Team shall include but not be limited to:IRV Green Pledge Form

  1. Managing Irvington’s participation in the Sustainable Jersey program;
  2. Encouraging the Township staff to pursue sustainable practices where possible and implement the Township Committee’s environmental goals;
  3. At the recommendation of the Township Committee, work with the existing groups within the Township whose actions effect environmental issues so as to eliminate duplication and assure that important tasks are covered;
  4. Provide suggestions for further research and action to the Township Council;
  5. At the direction of the Township Committee, provide advice and suggestions to the Township Planning Board, the Township Board of adjustment and the Township Historic Preservation Commission to assure that environmental issues are considered in their deliberations and actions;
  6.  Manage and organize various ad hoc environmental groups within the Township;
  7. Solicit and evaluate environmental ideas and suggestions from the community;
  8. Promote the causes of sustainability within the Township.

Green Team Actions toward sustainable Jersey certification: