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David Lyons

David Lyons was born in Thomaston, Georgia, a small community of about 10,000 in West central Georgia.  He attended elementary school at Drake Elementary school where he was an honor student. His mother, Gussie Lyons, was the mother of three (3) boys with David being the oldest.  His two brothers, Henry and Thomas still reside in Thomaston, although both resided here in the metropolitan area for years.

After graduating from Drake High School as an honor student, and was elected to the National Honor Society. David attended Albany State College in Albany, Georgia. As always, David was a brilliant student but decided to move to New York after visiting his cousin who resided in New Jersey. David was smitten with New York and knew this was where he wanted to live. He soon landed a job with famed baseball player Roy Campanella who owned a liquor store in Harlem. In addition to working for Campanella, he also got a second job working for Roman “Doc” Turman, a former player of the Harlem Globetrotters.

In 1984 David moved to Irvington where he soon became a voice for the tenants of the building he lived in. Seeking to better the conditions of the tenants of the building, David met Lil Maurice, who was the founder of the Irvington Tenants Association. Seeing the passion that David showed in speaking up for others, Ms. Maurice and others chose David as the president of the Irvington Tenants Association. Not satisfied with the lack of progress made in his dealings with landlords, David soon began attending council meetings in hopes of getting the town to force landlords to be held accountable for their lack sensitivity toward tenants.

David became a regular at council meetings and soon began to speak on all issues that he felt the council members should have been more proactive in on a daily basis. In 1994, David was arrested at a council meeting and charged with being disorderly, simply because he turned to the audience to make a point. At a subsequent trial held in Maplewood, New Jersey, David was found “NOT GUILTY” of the charges. Two (2) years later, David was elected to the Irvington Municipal Council after running at the urging of people who liked the passion that he showed at council meetings. Since that time, David has been reelected 5 times by his constituents.

David has served on many committees, including Thee Taxi Committee, Legal Committee, Bus Stop, Parking Committee, Public Safety, Towing, and Cable Television Committees.

On July 1, 2016, David was elected President of the Township Council by his colleagues. He presently is Chairman of the Legal Committee, Finance Committee and Public Safety Committee and he also serves as a member of the ABC Board, as well as a member of the Taxi/Livery, Rent Leveling, Licensing/Permit Constable Committee and Cable TV & Technology Committees.

In addition to serving on Irvington’s Township Council, David is also employed with the Veteran’s Administration. Himself a veteran, David gives the Veterans that he serves the same passion he gives his township. Displaying the same passion that he always brings to positions he serves

David has served his community for over twenty (20) years and he continues to give his all. He is happiest knowing that he now has a Mayor and council that works together as they move to make Irvington the place that he thought it always could be. A Mayor and Council working to keep Irvington Strong.